T.K. Oommen on Cultural Globalization

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T.K. Oommen, Past President of the International Sociological Association, has been interviewed on Cultural Globalization by Anand Kumar, JNU New Delhi, and Frank Welz, Innsbruck, on 23th May 2000 at Freiburg University, Germany. The interview has been digitally prepared and edited by Markus Jenki and Bernd Remmele. The series on Cultural Globalization, directed by Frank Welz, has been originally funded by the Deutsche Telekom AG and the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts of the State department Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Reference: Anand Kumar; Frank Welz: Approaching Cultural Change in the Era of Globalisation: An Interview with T.K. Oommen. In: Social Identities, 9(1), 2003, 93-115. URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1350463032000075353